My boss plan


Be a Boss!

Visibility consulting

  1. Customized Business Marketing Plan

  2. Build Targeted Engaging Audience

  3. Social Media Presence

  4. Reactivation Campaigns to stay in front of potential & current clients

  5. Get Google Reviews from past & ongoing clients

consultancy that works

Professional, affordable, and customized plans for your business that will help you grow a profitable offline or online business with NO risk to you whatsoever! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain...

Package Solutions

We offer three different options depending upon where your company currently stands. Our packages are differentiated based on your unique business needs.

Results Focused

Results are the reason we do what we do. We measure our success by your satisfaction and happiness with how well a job was done, both from an aesthetic as well as technical standpoint. We focus on results because they matter to you!


why should I spend this money?

Our packages start at 1500 USD. We understand that you may not have that amount to spend upfront. The good news is that our boss payment plan is available for qualified business owners.

why Do I need your services?

Because we customize our packages based on your unique business needs. This plan will be based on where you are, what you need to grow to your goal and removing the mindset that has stopped your growth.

Do you have testimonials?

Yes, I've been in the online space since 2016. While I can share that with you, what you need to know is what I can do for your business. We focus on getting you the results that you want and not based on a previous client.